Travels with Torii

Maybe one day I’ll do just like John Steinbeck did and write a whole book about traveling around, but instead of a dog named Charley I’ll take my cat, Torii, and instead of going around the country we’ll just take day trips. (Torii doesn’t like car trips.) I’ll call it Travels with Torii, in search of the Twin Cities.

This is Torii at the Dairy Queen on Lexington Avenue, in the north suburbs of St. Paul. DQ’s in the midwest are kind of the hubs of social activity in the summers, and this might be the best known one in the state. Its a really old DQ, maybe one of the first*, and they still have the original sign from about 50-60 years ago. Anytime you go there you can bet someone will tell you that it’s the very first DQ. Unfortunately, they’re wrong. The first one was in Illinois. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

DQ on Lexington Ave, Roseville, MN

One thought on “Travels with Torii

  1. I’d like to point out that Torii is not so blobby in real-life.

    Also, it may not be the first DQ, but I’m willing to bet it’s the best.

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