Today I popped into a coffee shop near work for a small dark roast with a shot of white chocolate. This coffee shop always has trivia questions on their blackboard; if you answer correctly, you get ten cents off your order. Today the question went something like this…

What rodent (something something) $750,00 damage (something something)?

(a) rat (b) raccoon (c) squirrel

I scanned the question, and said out loud, “Well, it can’t be raccoon, because that’s not a rodent.” I guessed squirrel, and was wrong. The correct answer was “raccoon.”

Now, I’m not a zoologist or anything, but somehow over time I’ve gotten a pretty good working taxonomy of small fuzzy critters. Given a mammal under 25 pounds, I can usually place it in its proper family of canines, felines, primates, marsupials, mustelids, insectivores, or miscellaneous-and-other. Some animals are almost understandably consigned to the rodentia: rabbits, for example, or moles. But raccoons are ursoid creatures, and that which is bear-like is not mouse-like.

Well, this prompted me to do something I’ve been sort of wanting to do, which is to establish a single-serving site that sets things straight in the way of what are, and what are not, rodents. I give you animals that are not rodents.

2 thoughts on “Rodent?

  1. Beautiful Kurtis! I suppose I knew somehow that squirrels were rodents, but I didn’t mind them because they don’t bother my garden that much. On the other hand, the rabbits are driving me crazy. (And my rabbits don’t hand out Easter eggs.) We also can’t get them to go into the live-trap. Cunning little mammals that they are.

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