Reading Report: February 2008

It hasn’t been a very productive month for reading. Work and travel have made it hard, although I did listen to a couple of audiobooks (The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama and King Dork by Frank Portman). I did read a couple of comic books, too — one based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and this chronicle of the lives of Kitteh and Pip by Adam Koford. Nothing against audiobooks or comics, but this list feels a bit paltry compared to January’s reading. Meanwhile, my reading stack has grown: my friendly editor has sent me a box of books, and I reckon the stack is back up around 100.

bertie2.jpgBertie quickly developed a deep and profound relationship with the box the books came in. I honestly think the box is his soul mate. He’s spent most of the afternoon sitting in it (and defending it from other cats who come sniffing around it).

With a bonus day in February, I may be able to at least finish the book I started today (which is short), Beyond the Mango Tree, but I can’t make any promises.

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