The Valentine Mouse

Sometimes the cats start hissing at each other. This time, there was a reason. They were fighting over a mouse toy… or something.

“It’s a real mouse!” my wife hollered. “It’s an actual mouse! Get it!”

We paused the lousy movie we were watching and went into the adjacent dining room. By that time Lucy had the mouse in her mouth, with Torii standing by just in case she needed help.

“We might as well leave this to the professionals,” I said.

(In the end, I rescued the mouse and let it go outside.)

3 thoughts on “The Valentine Mouse

  1. Hey. I did not “holler”. Though I did stand by helplessly and didn’t offer any assistance. I’ll admit that. But I didn’t yell. I managed to stay pretty calm. Aside from the “frozen with terror” bit. Why am I so freaked out by mice? They’re so cute.

  2. I remembered a story! One time I came home and found Mary, in the living room, standing on coffee table, shaking.

    “What’s the matter?” I queried, already suspicious of the answer since we’d been having a mouse problem.

    “Mah…mah…mah…mouse” she eventually stammered out.



    “Where in the kitchen?”


    “It’s dead?”

    “Uh huh”

    “Don’t worry, it’s not going to get you if it’s dead.”

    She refused to budge from the coffee table til the offending mouse had been disposed of.

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