Mudville moves along, and Torii is a star

I said about six months ago (not here), in regards to getting Mudville published, that first base was finishing the draft, second base was finding an agent, third base was selling the book and home was seeing the book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble. I’ve since learned that this is a game with fourth base, which is finalizing the manuscript with your editor. This is what I’ve been doing since June or so, but today I was called “safe” at fourth base. Whew! I thought I was safe, but you never know until the umpire makes the call. 🙂

This means the manuscript now moves on to copyediting, where brilliant and patient people whose job I can’t even fathom will catch all the misspellings, typos, and inconsistencies. I’ll get a marked up manuscript next month for final approval, making my own final edits directly to the hard copy. It’s very strange to think that I won’t actually be making any edits on the computer anymore.

I now know how parents feel when their children leave home. Relieved, but also a bit nervous… are they really ready? Have I done all I could to prepare my little book for the travails and hardships of the real world? The difference is, of course, that my book won’t be home for Thanksgiving weekend with a carload of dirty laundry. 😀

This also means I can move forward with my next novel, Samara which has nothing to do with baseball but does feature hot air balloons. If I use that as a metaphor, the balloon is nearly inflated and I can’t wait to take off!

Meanwhile, Torii has his 15 minutes of fame on a new blog just for cats in Minnesota. Follow the link to read his story.

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