The Great North Woods

Every year about this time, my wife and I go up north to Lake Superior or the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. This year BWCA won out.

The drive is a little over four hours. We bring the boy cats, since they like it up there and we like having them up there. What the cats don’t like is the drive. Imagine sharing a car with this creature for several hours.

angry cat on drive You’d never guess what a big sweetheart he is from that expression. Torii meowed incessantly.

Kitties at the cabin window It was worth it, though. Within minutes of being in the cabin, Torii was happily exploring. His favorite pasttime (and Bertie’s) was starting out the window at the chipmunks, sparrows, and other wildlife out the cabin (We kept the boys safe from the wildlife, and the wildlife safe from the boys, save the occasional moth and spider that Bertie caught and ate).

Torii takes a bath One of Torii’s other favorite hobbies in the cabin was playing in the wash basin (the cabin had fresh well water, but no sink.)

Angela and Kurtis canoeingMy wife and I are not big canoers. We did the requisite paddle and hiked a little, but mostly lazed around the cabin–reading, napping, working a little, and watching the lake.

kurtis reading (sort of)

Kurtis writing w Torii

two loonsDusk is a good time to watch (and listen) for loons. They are my favorite bird, and their distinctive hooting call always gives me chills.

Walden reading WaldenA good book to read when you’re in a cabin is Thoreau’s Walden. Our little moose friend, also named Walden, re-read it and said that even though he’s read it before, it always makes him think.

Kurtis and chipmunk friend Speaking of wildlife… well, the creatures we encountered weren’t that wild. The chimpunks will eat right out of your hand, once you’ve built their trust. You build their trust by, um, feeding them.

Lake Burntside at sunsetIt is nice to return home to Internet access, hot water, indoor bathrooms, and other amenities, but I wish we could have taken the lake with us. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “The Great North Woods

  1. I’ve noticed that a lot of husbands and wives look a lot alike. Same with me and my hubby. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Well, in the case of you and your wife… YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE!!!! 🙂


    I posted.

    Peace out.

  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for continuing to prowl the Packer forums on an hourly basis and for posting such supportive and heartfelt comments rooting the team on this year. Means a lot to have such die-hard fans as you backing us.

    P.S. Yes, I can send you another autographed pic. But the fanclub says you’ve already received 15 in the past? Are you wallpapering with them or something? If so, COOL!

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