Now what?

I’ve spent bits and pieces of the last several days tweaking this site to get it more or less as I like it. For example, by default, the search tool only searches blog posts — Now it will also search the additional pages, such as those on the “About” and “Mudville” pages.

If you notice bugs in the search tool or anything else, please let me know using the handy Contact form (oh, that’s something else I set up!)

I also built a RSS feed to my book reviews blog, Outside of a Cat, into the sidebar. This will serve something like a list of what I’ve read recently, though I sometimes post about books I read long ago, and just want to write about (such as Watership Down, which I reviewed on Saturday).

You’ll notice the books blog is mostly kids books. I don’t know if I read kids books to stay up on the market so I can write them, or if I write kids books so I have an excuse to read them.

Now that I’m more or less open for business, now what? I plan on using this site to write about my writing activities, with the hope that eventually those activities will include publication dates, reviews, author appearances, book signings, and so forth… in the meantime, it’ll be an infrequently updated website with comments on writing and other random reflections.

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